Fabrics made out of cotton - natural, bleached, printed or dyed.
Partial out of organic-cotton and GOTS-certificated.

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1. Our cotton collections
2. Basic information about cotton

Our cotton-fabric collections: 

Knit fabrics made of cotton

Knitted CottonKnitted CottonKnit and jersey fabrics, mainly made of organic cotton in various styles
Textured & PatternTextured & PatternVerschiedene Strukturen, Muster und Webarten aus Baumwolle und Baumwollmischungen
Colored Organic Cotton-JerseyColored Organic Cotton-JerseyColoured organic jerseys made of organic cotton in various styles
Organic NickyOrganic NickyOrganic knitted velvet, strechy and soft, natural or dyed
SinglejerseysSinglejerseysUnicoloured single jerseys made of cotton with elastane
Striped SinglesStriped SinglesStriped single jerseys made of cotton with elastane
Knitted fabrics coloredKnitted fabrics coloredHigh quality interlock jerseys made in Germany
Knit Cuff FabricKnit Cuff Fabricstrechy knitted cuff fabrics
Summer-SweatshirtSummer-SweatshirtHigh quality sweatshirt fabrics with a fluffy brushed inside made in Germany
Sweatshirt ColoredSweatshirt ColoredHigh quality sweatshirt fabrics with a fluffy brushed inside made in Germany
Jersey PrintsJersey PrintsBaumwolljerseys mit bunten Druck-Motiven

Woven cotton fabrics

Natural Cotton FabricsNatural Cotton FabricsNatural and white woven cotton fabrics, from delicate gauze to heavy denim or canvas
Organic cotton naturalOrganic cotton naturalwoven fabrics made of organic cotton in natural or white
Cotton Dyed (Organic)Cotton Dyed (Organic)Dyed woven fabrics made of cotton
Organic jeans fabricOrganic jeans fabricGOTS zertifizierte Jeansstoffe aus Bio-Baumwolle
Organic heavy cottonOrganic heavy cottonHardwearing panama weave made of organic cotton in natural or dyed. Width 218 cm!
Batik & PatternsBatik & PatternsKleine Auswahl an Batiken & bunt bedruckten Bw-Stoffen zu Sonderpreisen

Specialties made of cotton

Embroidered cotton-fabricsEmbroidered cotton-fabricsMostly floral motifs, embroidered on delicate cotton fabrics
PaddingPaddingCotton padding in different grammages
Waterproof FabricsWaterproof FabricsMit Naturmaterialien imprägnierte Baumwollstoffe für Wasserabweisende Kleidung.

Basic information about cotton

In the middle ages people believed that cotton grows on trees. Pictures exist showing sheep hanging on ramifyed trees! The cotton fibre was unknown
for quite a long time in Europe. Cotton grows on a low mallow bush. When the ripened capsule bursts open thousands of hairfibre seeds emerge. the seeds are seperated and the fibres are spun and processed.

A cotton fabric was considered a worthy present for Charles The Great. That was over a thousand years ago and cotton was unknown in Europe at that time.
The Western world had to wait for the Arabs to introduce the cultivation and processing of cotton in Spain and Sicily. It was a very costly material for a long time and Europe imported it from Asia, Africa and later from America.

Around the turn of the century inventions which rationalized the harvesting, spinning and weaving led to a dominant position on the world market.
Cotton is easy to take care of, multi-purpose and good value for money.

Untreated cotton does not cause allergies, has no electrostatic charge, is highly absorbent and comfortable to wear.
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