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Back again! Our popular linen crepes!

Back again! Our popular linen crepes!

In hot temperatures, there is hardly a more soothing, cooling material on sun-tanned skin than linen. If it comes as an uncomplicated Italian crepe, you save ironing and enjoy the pleasant wearing comfort of blouses, shirts, dresses and skirts with simple cuts.
At home, linen crepes bring Mediterranean lightness and colour into rooms and spread a holiday mood.
This collection is one of our most sought-after summer fabrics and is only available while stocks last.

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Organic hemp fabric in GOTS quality

Organic hemp fabric in GOTS quality

Hemp fibre has been used to make textiles for around 3000 years and shows incredible eco-balance and versatility. It takes care of its own crop protection and requires much less water than cotton.
New in our range you will find a light plain hemp fabric made from fibres of Western European cultivation with GOTS certification also on the dyeing. Perfect for summery things, whether you want to wear it as a light shirt, tunic, summer dress, skirt or trousers.

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New organic children's fabrics

New organic children's fabrics

Now little and bigger tiny humans can also grow and thrive in GOTS-certified, colourfully printed organic cotton fabrics. With the fabrics you will also find our first children's cutting suggestions.
Creative ideas not only for itty-bitty people!

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Linen jerseys for carefree sunny days

Linen jerseys for carefree sunny days

Delicate, airy, open and gentle as a summer breeze, our new linen singles want to cool and flatter you as a shirt, dress or skirt.
For the first time, floral printed linen knits harmonise with their plain-coloured partners and open up countless new combination possibilities for favourite pieces.

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News from Anita Pavani Stoffe

News from Anita Pavani Stoffe

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Our Collection:

Our internet shop offers you more than 1000 fabrics made from natural fibre. We also have buttons made of natural materials and sewing-patterns. All items can be ordered online and we send woldwide!

We have a choice of quality-fabrics made of cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool and other natural materials such as sting-nettle fibre or ramie.

Besides a great variety of basic materials, you will find exclusive designer fabrics, a precious range of traditional textile crafts and many designs of our own. 

Retail and wholesale customers worldwide purchase our fabrics for clothes, decoration and interior design, as well as for all kinds of crafts like stitching, felting, silk-painting and more. Artists, fashion-, interior- and stage-designers, costumers, restorers and many others find here what they are looking for.

If you need the fabrics for commercial purposes, please ask for special conditions. 

Throughout our lives we are surrounded by textiles. Their influence on our quality of life is deep. Genuine natural fabrics are wonderful to wear, they are hygienical and ecological. 

They are stylish, of timeless value and exclusive elegance. 

Natural fabrics are worth to be sewn and worth to be worn.

Have fun with natural fabrics by Anita Pavani!

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