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Linen jerseys for carefree sunny days

Linen jerseys for carefree sunny days

Soft, breezy, open and gentle as a summer breeze, our new linen singles want to cool and flatter you as a shirt, dress or skirt. Pastel shades that could have come from a gelateria or earthy African colors bring a smile to tanned skin with their silky shimmer and flowing drape.
For the first time, floral-printed linen knits may become favorite pieces, also happily harmonizing with their plain-colored partners or opening up countless new combination possibilities.

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Plain colored cotton fabrics

Plain colored cotton fabrics

They lead us through thick and thin, through soft or robust, to the still point of every wardrobe and define the loud or quiet point in the change of daily mood, occasion and weather expressed by our outer shell.
A connecting basic solid color shade creates the style of your outfit, whether you use it as a blouse, shirt, skirt, dress, pants, or jacket, it creates clearness, linkage, and just because of that, it allows for endless possibilities and combinations.

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Superfine cotton jerseys from Italy

Superfine cotton jerseys from Italy

No summer without these wonderful cotton jerseys from Italy!
We think they are the best and most beautiful in the world! So incredibly finely spun that they create the feeling of silk on the skin.

These superfine and lightweight single jerseys are ideal for favourite pieces on hot days. The right fabrics for comfortable, cuddly and skin-hugging garments that want to be used for tops and shirts, leggings, dresses and skirts, cuffs, sleeves and loop shawls, depending on the weight.

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Sustainable jerseys made from TENCEL™ Modal in beautiful colours

Sustainable jerseys made from TENCEL™ Modal in beautiful colours

Our new sustainable and eco-friendly jerseys made from TENCEL™ modal fibres are exceptionally soft and comfortable on the skin. The high flexibility of the fibers give the textile a naturally soft quality. Fabrics made from TENCEL™ modal fibers have good moisture and thermoregulation properties.
They are stretchy, comfortable and of great color brilliance and are ideal for dresses, skirts, T-shirts, tops, for underwear and leggings, with a small amount of elastane additionally providing comfort and shape retentions.

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News from Anita Pavani Stoffe

News from Anita Pavani Stoffe

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Our Collection:

Our internet shop offers you more than 1000 fabrics made from natural fibre. We also have buttons made of natural materials and sewing-patterns. All items can be ordered online and we send woldwide!

We have a choice of quality-fabrics made of cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool and other natural materials such as sting-nettle fibre or ramie.

Besides a great variety of basic materials, you will find exclusive designer fabrics, a precious range of traditional textile crafts and many designs of our own. 

Retail and wholesale customers worldwide purchase our fabrics for clothes, decoration and interior design, as well as for all kinds of crafts like stitching, felting, silk-painting and more. Artists, fashion-, interior- and stage-designers, costumers, restorers and many others find here what they are looking for.

If you need the fabrics for commercial purposes, please ask for special conditions. 

Throughout our lives we are surrounded by textiles. Their influence on our quality of life is deep. Genuine natural fabrics are wonderful to wear, they are hygienical and ecological. 

They are stylish, of timeless value and exclusive elegance. 

Natural fabrics are worth to be sewn and worth to be worn.

Have fun with natural fabrics by Anita Pavani!