Exclusive Prints

Exclusive Italian digital prints on various high-quality natural fibre fabrics

Weiße Margeriten

97% cotton, 3% elastics, Width approx.: 143 cm, 133 g/sqm

Pure white is the canvas for a flower image, which is clearly contoured in orange, purple and green around big white margarites. Flower power for impressive blouses, skirts and dresses with comfortable stretch.

Repeat L 65,5cm / W 87,5cm

49,80 €* /rm
short supply


80% cotton, 20% linen, Width approx.: 132 cm, 226 g/sqm

Delicately drawn large white peonies surrounded by small flowers and leaves on light sand beige. The balance and beauty of the design is a delightful contrast to the wickerwork-inspired plaited structure. A dream for skirts, dresses, blazers, jackets vests and curtains or pillows.

Repeat L = 64cm / W = 67.5cm

49,50 €* /rm
short supply


97% cotton, 3% elastics, Width approx.: 143 cm, 135 g/sqm

Red, orange and pink blossoms compete on a black and white background - a summer dream in party mood for uncomplicated and comfortable blouses, dresses and skirts.

Repeat L 28.5cm / W 24.5cm

49,80 €* /rm
short supply

Holly yellow

100% cotton, Width approx.: 142 cm, 120 g/sqm

As if in a flowerbed stylized flowers settle very densely on a very fine, very velvety corduroy. Its yellow tones are contrasted by strong red and orange, which in turn is soothed by lilac and dark red - for skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses and vests

49,80 €* /rm
short supply

Holly rose

100% cotton, Width approx.: 145 cm, 120 g/sqm

similar to a flowerbed is the arrangement of the stylized flowers stand on this velverty narrow ribbed corduroy in all kinds of reds such as purple, pink, lilac, pink and poppy red - for skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses and vests

49,80 €* /rm
short supply

Heckenrose und Co.

100% viscose, Width approx.: 130 cm, 133 g/sqm

A rendezvous of the field-forest and meadow flowers in autumn colors on black flowing viscose crepe for dresses and skirts as well as blouses and shirts Repeat: L = 31.5 / B = 20

49,90 €* /rm
29,90 €* /rm
short supply


100% viscose, Width approx.: 130 cm, 119 g/sqm

Ein dichtes Motiv aus geflammten Blüten in Pink und Orange und panagierten grünen Blätter auf schwarzem Viskosekrepp für Blusen, Kleider und Röcke Rapport: L= 38 / B = 29

45,00 €* /rm
29,90 €* /rm
short supply

Muster im Kreis

98% cotton, 2% elastics, Width approx.: 139 cm, 235 g/sqm

Close-up of small blue circles filled with an ornament of yellow and white adorn this firm and stretchy fabric in white for trousers, skirts and jackets

32,00 €* /rm
19,80 €* /rm
short supply


97% cotton, 3% elastics, Width approx.: 135 cm, 262 g/sqm

Along the selvedges, a 20 cm wide border adorns an otherwise flamingo-colored fabric with a wicker weave. The border shows a playful floral design in white and red, with a little blue, gray and green - a beautiful and romantic design by Max Mara and for skirts, dresses, costumes, jackets and blazers as well as pillows, curtains or tablecloths.

54,00 €* /rm
33,00 €* /rm
short supply