Belgian Fine Linen Colored

Fine Linen of Belgian Production

Finest Belgian Linen Fabrics made from the best, wet-spun linen fibres in an exceptional quality.
We offer them in two different qualities: yarn-dyed and delave
Delave means that a part of the colours is washed off again to achieve a lightly used-look and a beautiful and expressive colour texture.

Delicate colours in harmonic mixes of nature-like colours are perfect for clothes, home decorations as well.

Bellino tabacco

100% linen, Width approx.: 145 cm, 165 g/sqm

High-quality Belgian fine linen in tabacco-brown for clothing, curtains, table and bed linen

Light resistance according to ISO 105 B02: 5

39,90 €* /rm
short supply

Bellino d jeansblau

100% linen, Width approx.: 148 cm, 165 g/sqm

High-quality fine Belgian linen in jeansblue, to which a Delavé effect creates a beautiful color grain and a slightly washed-out look - for clothing, curtains, table and bed linen

55,80 €* /rm
short supply
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