02-730 A-förmiges Leinenkleid

  • Code: ZSP-02-730
A-line dress of linen

Fabric Suggestions:
fine and light weaves of cotton, linen, ramie and alike
11,00 €*/piece
incl. VAT, additional shipping
Term of delivery:
ca. 1 - 3 Werktage
Size approx.:
34 - 48


Product type:
Size: 34 - 48

Further information such as required fabric quantity, size charts as well as pattern layout plans can be found in picture [1]

Fabrics to combine


100% organic cotton, Width approx.: 160 cm

Gleaming Satin in natural white, 100% organically grown cotton. Ideal for bed and table linen, curtains as well as clothing. Especially beautiful in combination with our *Bio-Streifensatin*, GOTS certified

17,90 €* /rm

Bio-Chambray rot

100% organic-cotton, Width approx.: 160 cm

Popeline-like fabric with different colored warp and weft, which are red and light gray. Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton produced in Europe. Best suited for shirts and clothes, for curtains, pillows, tablecloths and the like

24,90 €* /rm

Doppelmull dunkelgrau

100% cotton, Width approx.: 130 cm

Double layer cotton gauze in dark grey with longitudinal crepe structure, soft and with draping properties . A great material for dresses, skirts, wide tops and pants or for interior design.

12,90 €* /rm
short supply


100% linen, Width approx.: 150 cm

fine, soft flowing linen in natural grey for clothing and decoration
The photo shows the fabric after a 90°C wash!

18,90 €* /rm

Ramieflame mauve

100% ramie, Width approx.: 135 cm

Densely woven ramie fabric with a distinctive flamed structure and a smooth stonewashed touch - in mauve

17,70 €* /rm
in production


100% linen, Width approx.: 145 cm

A fine thread with a beige mottled colour densely woven into a Linen with a fine and vivid natural colour. A beautiful material for all kinds of clothing, interior design and home textiles.

24,90 €* /rm

Doro oyster

100% linen, Width approx.: 150 cm

A dream of finest wet spun Long-Fibres-Flax – soft and smooth and densely woven in a creamy white

49,90 €* /rm
in production

Bio-Linen creme

100% organic-linen, Width approx.: 140 cm

soft fabric bleached in a medium weight quality from organically grown linen bleached to a cream white - for all types of clothing such as dresses, skirts, shirts and pants, for curtains, table and bed linen

57,90 €* /rm

Leinentwill goldmond

100% linen, Width approx.: 145 cm

A two-tone woven fine twill with exceptionally soft touch and noble color gleam, which should decorate not only elves. The bronze shimmering front is the perfect counterpart to the silvery shine of the other side. The elegant draping properties of this reversible linen is ideal for skirts, dresses and historical or LARP garments.

39,90 €* /rm


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