02-609 H-förmiges Kurzarmkleid

  • Code: ZSP-02-609
simple dress with short darts on the front, sleeve and pockets

Fabric Suggestions:
fine, woven fabric of linen, ramie, cotton and alike
10,72 €*/piece
incl. VAT, additional shipping
Term of delivery:
ca. 1 - 3 Werktage
Size approx.:
34 - 48


Product type:
Size: 34 - 48

Further information such as required fabric quantity, size charts as well as pattern layout plans can be found in picture [1]

Fabrics to combine

Bio-Chambray navy

100% organic-cotton, Width approx.: 155 cm

Popeline-like fabric with different colored warp and weft, which are white and navy blue. Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton produced in Europe. Best suited for shirts and clothes, for curtains, pillows, tablecloths and the like

22,32 €* /rm

Linstone flint

100% linen, Width approx.: 140 cm

densely woven linen treated with natural pumice for a stonewashed look, which gives it the impression of fine old linen. For all types of clothing, decoration, table and bed linen a timeless treasure in stone grey

58,39 €* /rm

Linkrepp blaugrau

100% linen, Width approx.: 140 cm

expressive linen crepe in blue-grey with Delave-effect of Italian production, uncomplicated and low-maintenance - perfect for blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts or roomy pants

29,90 €* /rm
short supply


100% cotton, Width approx.: 140 cm

Light weight and soft chambray material in Indigo blue on a natural white cotton warp - perfect for blouses, shirts, dresses and skirts in a classic jeans look

9,65 €* /rm


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