Bourette Silks

Woven or knitted fabrics made of natural or printed bourette silk

Our selection of bourette silks ranges from light transparent material to heavy hand-woven fabric, which you can use depending on the quality for a wide variety of applications such as clothing, interior design, decoration or for massage and sauna towels.

Junglewaves violett

100% silk, Width approx.: 135 cm, 157 g/sqm

a wave-like movement of light and colors, dominated by blue and violet, shimmers over many greens for blouses, shirts and skirts.
Pattern Repeat: 45 cm long and 69,5 cm wide

48,64 €* /rm


100% bourettesilk, Width approx.: 112 cm, 98 g/sqm

light, transparent bourette fabric

24,17 €* /rm

Bourette 34

100% bourettesilk, Width approx.: 138 cm, ca. 158 g/sqm

simple bourette fabric

34,12 €* /rm

Noila 3 II. Wahl

100% bourettesilk, Width approx.: 140 cm , 307 g/sqm

II. Choice due to stains that appear irregularly.
Handwoven Burette Silk from hand spun yarns, heavy and structured in a bright creamy white with black dots and tiny wood inclusions. We advise a lining for sensitive skin.

31,68 €* /rm
23,40 €* /rm