Ital. wool jersey (S)

Italian jerseys and knitted fabrics from virgin wool

Whether over or under, wool fabrics from renowned designers warm more beautifully!

Phädra silbergrau-melange

70% virgin wool, 30% viscose , Width approx.: 150 cm, 330 g/qm

An addition of viscose gives this cabled chunky knit a subtle shimmer and melange - in silver gray

67,80 €* /rm
39,90 €* /rm
short supply

Oliver wood 2

90% virgin wool, 10% silk , Width approx.: 150 cm, 350 g/qm

Olive green bulky knit in patent pattern received by bright bourette silk a tweedy look with a soft grip. This batch turns out slightly greener than the previous one in the picture. We recommend ordering a handle sample in advance.

84,50 €* /rm
49,90 €* /rm
short supply