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Sewing Patterns

What is meinDesign?

collection of patternsmeinDesign is a collection of patterns which we have designed some years ago especially for our fabrics.

The collection is kept timeless and therefore today still as "up to date" as at that time.

We have three book, which ones show the models, meinDesign book 1 - 3.

The patterns are not included in the books, you can buy them separately.

All books, patterns and instructions are only available in German.

You can leaf through all three books online.





meinDesign - no. 1

meinDesign - no. 1

This is the most wanted of the thee books and contains mainly winter models.

The price of the book is 10,- Euro. Patterns with variations and sewing instructions cost between 2,- and 16,- Euro. Available only in German.

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[ leaf through the meindesign - book 1 online ]

meinDesign - no. 2

meinDesign - no. 2

is out of print but pattern and sewing instructions are still available (only in German).

This collection contains approx 19 patterns for winter wardrobe.

The cut-out pattern sheet with all 19 patterns comes up to 19,- Euro. Available only in German.

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[ leaf through the meindesign - book 2 online ]

meinDesign - no. 3

meinDesign - no. 3

... still a few copies available.

Contains 31 patterns, mainly for summer-modells.

The cut-out pattern sheet including all 31 patterns with instructions (in German) cost 20,- Euro.

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[ leaf through the meinDesign - book 3 online ]

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