Border Fabrics

Eloise en ciel

100% cotton , Width approx.: 140 cm, 65 g/qm

A fabric (no border!) with French border embroidery in a natural white upon a sky blue muslin in the style of the 19th century – unbelievably pretty. The embroidery is edging along ONE selvedge.

89,90 €* /rm

Tanita NEW

NEW 100% cotton , Width approx.: 135 cm, 200 g/qm

One-sided border perforated embroidery with Wilhelminian charm for stylish summer clothes, romantic bridal wear or nostalgic curtains in white

19,80 €* /rm

Oriane NEW

NEW 100% cotton , Width approx.: 135 cm, 175 g/qm

One-sided lace border with leaves and flowers in perforated embroidery on white transparent batiste for dress dreams and noble window dresses

19,80 €* /rm

Marlia NEW

NEW 100% cotton , Width approx.: 135 cm, 150 g/qm

Milky white batiste whose one-sided hole-embroidered, curved vine border is presented in white on white. It likes to decorate tunics, dresses and summer brides, flashes as a teasing underskirt or operates as a gossamer window dress with romantic flair.

18,90 €* /rm