Natural and organic fabrics (by meter) in best quality and wide selection

Our fabric collection is sorted by materials and includes about 1000 woven and knitted fabrics of cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, nettle, silk, woolen and other natural fibers..

Our Fabric programm: setup and structure

Our fabrics are put together in groups of articles whitch we call "sample leaflets (DE: Musterkarten), e.g. natural cotton fabrics. These sample leaflets again belong to different groups of material, e.g. cotton.

The sample leaflets contain genuine samples of the different materials (see below), whereas our internet shop presents "virtual" illustrations of them (up to five photographes per fabric).

All in all we offer about 800 fabrics which are divided into 40 - 50 groups of fabrics.

If you want to see our fabrics online, first click "fabrics" in the navigation bar on the left, then choose a material-group (e.g. "cotton"), then an artikel group (e.g. "natural cotton").


fabrics —> cotton —> natural cotton

Then click on the name or photo of the articel for more details.

If you find a fabric that interests you, you can either order it directly or first order a single genuine sample or the sample leaflet in which the fabric is contained (see below).

Please note that there is no right of return or exchage on cut off materials. If you have a specific idea of the color or quality of material you want please do make use of our sample service before you place an order.