Fine jersey

Superfine cotton jerseys from Italy at reduced prices

no summer without these wonderful cotton jerseys from Italy. They are the best and most beautiful in the world! So incredibly finely spun that they create the feeling of silk on the skin. Moreover, knitted fabrics are stretchy, therefore comfortable and adapt to every movement.

The right fabrics for comfortable, cuddly clothes that are close to the skin, used for tops and shirts, leggings, dresses and skirts, cuffs, sleeves and loop shawls, depending on the weight.
A wearing pleasure at its best that embellishes every day.
With mix and match, they profess the colour that comes from typical Italian "paintboxes" and can be seen happily sometimes over and sometimes under.

Superfine and light single jerseys are suitable for favourite pieces on hot days. Everyday and especially stretchy 2-ribs create a colourful and summery mood as leggings or shirts, striped knits or prints are also available for simple patterns.

Elida blazing yellow

100% cotton , Width approx.: 160 cm, 145 g/qm

Rich yellow single jersey becomes lightweight knitwear for under and over

39,90 €* /rm
24,50 €* /rm
short supply

Elarina indian sun

100% cotton , Width approx.: 130 cm, 100 g/qm

Finest single jersey in Indian yellow - for light knitwear

36,50 €* /rm
21,90 €* /rm
short supply

Eleen sublime coral

94% cotton, 6% Lycra , Width approx.: 130 cm, 200 g/qm

Fine ribbed jersey in delicate coral with shape-retaining stretch for next-to-skin pieces

39,90 €* /rm
24,50 €* /rm
short supply

Eleana dusty fango

100% cotton , Width approx.: 145 cm, 185 g/qm

Fine interlock jersey in fango for all kinds of comfortable knitted clothing for under and over

41,50 €* /rm
24,50 €* /rm
short supply

Bw-Singleschlauch II. Wahl on sale

on sale 100% cotton , Width approx.: 80 cm, 73 g/qm

Tubularly knitted, natural fine single jersey with a wide range of uses, e.g. for clothing, handicrafts, games, household and gardening, for wraps, shopping bags, herb bags etc.

4,80 €* /rm
2,95 €* /rm
short supply

Pima-Feinsingle weiß

95% cotton, 5% elastics , Width approx.: 140 cm, 120 g/qm

Highly elastic single jersey made of finest Pima cotton in white.

7,80 €* /rm