Flanell & Molton (Organic)

Fluffy soft flannel and molton fabrics from (organic) cotton

Flannel and beaver fabrics are characterized by cuddly-soft touch, but they are roughened on one side or two and thus get a particularly pleasant surface. Warming and absorbent, they are ideal for winter nightwear, shirts, blouses or bedding. Their heavier colleagues, the molletons, are roughened on both sides, which also gives them a soft, cuddly surface. Due to the large surface area and the dense weave, they are very absorbent and absorb sound and light. Moltons are therefore often used as table mats or as cloth diapers or mattress pads. Our flannel and molleton fabrics are mostly made of eco-friendly organic cotton in GOTS certified quality and from Western European production.

Bio-Molton 160

100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 160 cm, 270 g/qm

Natural and fluffy on both sides napped from European production, this high-quality molleton in organic quality (GOTS) is suitable for a variety of uses.

23,70 €* /rm


100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 155 cm, 176 g/qm

material fleecy brushed on one side

16,80 €* /rm

Bio-Flanell naturbraun

100% organic-cotton, colored gewachsen , Width approx.: 160 cm, 144 g/qm

brushed flannel in naturally grown coloured organic cotton in a beautiful mottled cinnamon brown - bed linen, shirts, blouses, children's clothing, thermal lining

19,90 €* /rm


100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 160 cm, 176 g/qm

one side fluffy brushed flannel in eco-friendly organic quality (GOTS certified).

16,80 €* /rm

Flanellara nera NEW

NEW 100% cotton , Width approx.: 150 cm, 145 g/qm

Vichy check in light gray and black on soft flannel for comfortable blouses, shirts, dresses and skirts

28,00 €* /rm
16,90 €* /rm
short supply