Hemp Fabrics

Fabric made of hemp fibres, robust and durable

Hemp is one of the most exciting fibres that nature has given us. The plant does not need any plant protection, as its strong inherent odour alone repels pests. Of all natural fibres, hemp has the greatest durability and resistance to moisture.
In ancient times, it was believed that wearing hemp gave courage and removed the fear of death, which is why the fibre was used for the undergarments of warriors and soldiers.

Hemp wears very comfortably, does not become electrostatically charged and, depending on its thickness, can be used for almost everything: from light shirts, dresses and blouses to room furnishings or home textiles.
The heavier versions love to prove their durability on jeans and jackets, children's clothing, garden aprons, bags and furniture covers. After each wash, they become softer and grippier.

Edelhanf-Denim NEW

NEW 100% hemp , Width approx.: 195 cm, 210 g/qm

With a beautiful silk shimmer presents this mercerized precious hemp in diagonal twill. Due to its extra width, it is versatile for curtains, table linen or clothing.

57,00 €* /rm

Hemp light

55% hemp, 45% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 140 cm, 129 g/qm

Fine and lightweight fabric made of hemp and organic cotton. Light and comfortable for clothing and interior decoration.

24,90 €* /rm
short supply


100% hemp , Width approx.: 137 cm, 121 g/qm

Fine hemp batiste in white for light shirts, blouses and dresses or for translucent interior design.

29,70 €* /rm
short supply

Hanf-Tuch milchweiss

100% hemp , Width approx.: 140 cm, 160 g/qm

Lightweight, non-slip pure hemp fabric for airy outerwear or for interior decoration

27,90 €* /rm
short supply


100% hemp , Width approx.: 144 cm, 520 g/qm

Heavy hemp half panama in cream white, grippy yet soft. For sturdy jackets, coats, skirts, aprons and pants, but also for home decoration and creative applications.

34,80 €* /rm
short supply

Hanf-Tuch natur

100% hemp , Width approx.: 145 cm, 215 g/qm

Light hemp fabric in natural grey with a soft touch for shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers or for curtains

43,80 €* /rm

Hanf-Leinwand 6

100% hemp , Width approx.: 145 cm, 345 g/qm

closely woven, hardwearing fabric

45,00 €* /rm

Hanf-Fischgrat 4

100% hemp , Width approx.: 150 cm, 430 g/qm

lightweight, natural colored Hemp herringbone for jackets, pants, dresses and skirts

45,00 €* /rm

Hanf-Twill creme 2

100% hemp , Width approx.: 150 cm, 405 g/qm

creamy white Hemp Denim ideal for jeans and windbreakers, jackets, skirts and dresses
Colour inegalities, occasional bast residues and darker yarn inclusions are part of the appearance due to the gentle bleaching and the varying natural colour of the fibres.

46,80 €* /rm

Hanf-Twill natur 2

100% hemp , Width approx.: 150 cm, 423 g/qm

natural Hemp Denim ideal for jeans and windbreakers, jackets, skirts and dresses

45,00 €* /rm

Hanf-Canvas 6

100% hemp , Width approx.: 145 cm, 557 g/qm

COLOUR IS DARKER & MORE GREY THAN BEFORE, please order a current sample - firmly and tightly woven, natural colored hemp canvas for upolstery, coverings, awnings, paintings, tipis and bags

43,80 €* /rm

Hanfpiqué 3

100% hemp , Width approx.: 145 cm, 255 g/qm

Waffle-Pique that will be soft and big in volume once washed. Suited especially for towels, bathing robes and alike.

29,90 €* /rm


100% hemp , Width approx.: 75 cm, 480 g/qm

An archaic hand-woven fabric made of hand-woven hemp yarns, natural in fiber and color. Full of character for waistcoats, blazers and jackets, decoration and interior design.

39,90 €* /rm


100% hemp , Width approx.: 200 cm, 148 g/qm

An open-woven, natural hemp, versatile as utility material e.g. for straining or filtering, for airy transport bags or storage, for drying herbs, for light-flooded curtains in interior design.

19,90 €* /rm

Hanf-Rupfen SALE

SALE 100% hemp , Width approx.: 150 cm, 277 g/qm

An open weave, rustic hemp, versatile for coverings, bags, plant protection, building material, etc.

22,80 €* /rm
19,00 €* /rm
short supply


55% organic-hemp, 45% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 138 cm, 364 g/qm

A cotton hemp denim fabric in organic quality that leaves nothing to be desired for the much-loved blue. Robust yet supple for everything fun from classic denim. ACHTUNG: The fabric should be washed separately several times before processing, as it still gives off excess color.

36,90 €* /rm
short supply

Blue Denim

100% hemp , Width approx.: 150 cm, 500 g/qm

Full twisted yarn denim made entirely out of Hemp – just as jeans were supposed to be and made back in the days. With this indestructible fabric you will become a real fan of the one true jeans – yeah!
ATTENTION: Before use, this fabric should be washed separately at least 3 times because it will lint and surplus indigo blue will be washed out.

39,90 €* /rm
short supply

MK Hanfgewebe

Sample book with original samples of hemp fabrics

2,50 €* /piece


50% hemp, 50% stinging nettle fiberfasern , Width approx.: 65 cm, 442 g/qm

Archaic hemp and nettle fibres are woven by hand into expressive fabric. The nettles grow wild in the Himalayas and are processed traditionally in a time-consuming process. The lively and striking material gives original-looking decorations and special garments an artistic expression. Due to the natural production method, minor irregularities and soiling are possible.

49,90 €* /rm