Jeans & Denim (Organic)

Jeans fabrics (blue denim) partially made of organic cotton or hemp

Through thick or thin, fine, robust, elastic or firm, light or dark and mostly in blue, the eternal evergreens, the longest fashion trend of all time, as legendary as they are indestructible.
With us you will find a wide collection of jeans and denims by the metre, partly made of organic cotton or even hemp - the material in which denim was originally conceived!
These fabrics are mostly woven in a typical denim look in blue or black with white, the latter remaining modestly in the background.
The light variants are already pre-bleached, the dark blue ones develop their character over time.
Due to a small elastane content, some fabrics have a comfortable stretch that allows for a skin-tight finish.
Denim fabrics may still lose colour, so the darker fabrics in particular should be washed separately at first.
Do not overfill the machine, otherwise abrasion marks may occur.

Bio-Jeans sanfor

100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 160 cm, 306 g/qm

Classic jeans denim in indigo blue on natural white weft in medium strength from certified organic cotton. Fabric was produced in Europe - for jeans, jackets, trousers and vests or coats

24,90 €* /rm

Bio-Jeans indigo

100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 150 cm, 466 g/qm

Strong jeans denim in indigo blue on a natural white weft from GOTS-certified organic cotton - for jeans, jackets, trousers and vests or coats. Fabric has been dyed with (synthetic) indigo and needs to be washed separately for the real jeans look and to lose its color and also its indigo odor

19,90 €* /rm