Mein Design 1

1MK2-93 Mokassins

Instructions (no finished cut) for moccasins
Usage: one piece of moccasin leather
Please buy leather in a leather shop

2,00 €* /piece
short supply

1C2-93 Cape

Finished cut for a cape in two lengths
Fabric recommendation:
fine hair fabrics, natural wool fabrics, tweeds, wool crepe, boiled wool, merino boiled wool, strong knit fabrics Fabric requirements:
A Cape long with scarf and pocket:
Fabric width 140 cm: 3.0 rm
B Cape long:
Fabric width 140 cm: 2.15 rm
C Cape short:
Fabric width 140 cm: 1.35 rm

19,00 €* /piece

1H2-93 Leggings

Finished cut for a legging
Fabric recommendation:
Cotton, linen, silk, virgin wool knitted fabrics
Fabric consumption:
Fabric width from 120 cm: 1.20 rm
Fabric width from 60 cm: 2.40 rm
You can sew skirts and leggings from a 140 cm wide knitted fabric with a length of 2.40 m

6,00 €* /piece

1R2-93 Rock/Strickrock

Instructions (not a finished cut) for a skirt or knitted skirt
Fabric recommendation:
Models A and B: finer knitted fabrics, lighter fabrics, printed cotton
Models C and D: knitted fabrics, wool crepe, merino boiled wool

2,00 €* /piece
short supply

2HK2-93 - Shirt und Kleid

Ready-made cut for a shirt and a dress in two lengths
Fabric recommendation:
knitted fabrics made of cotton, linen, silk or virgin wool, organic nicky, light boiled wool and merino boiled wool

16,00 €* /piece

Modellheft 1 Kostenlos ab 50,- € Bestellwert*

Kostenlos ab 50,- € Bestellwert*

Erstes Modellheft aus der Serie Meine Design und bisher das Lieblingsheft unserer Kunden. Das Modellhaft enthält keine Schnitte; diese können Sie einzeln nachbestellen.

10,00 €* /piece
4,87 €* /piece