Natural Wool Fabrics

Woven and knitted fabrics made of wool in a wide selection

Delicate gauze, mousselin, and satin in finer qualities suitable for dresses, blouses, scarves, bedclothes. Can be dyes, printed or painted. Heavier qualities suitable for jackets, costumes, coats, trousers (am.: slacks) capes and blazers

Wollkrepp pflaumenblüte

77% virgin wool, 23% cotton , Width approx.: 127 cm, 123 g/qm

Open and presented with a beautiful crepe structure, softly flowing, light wool crepe with a tiny check design that disappears into the crepe - for blouses, dresses or tunics, perfect for layered looks - in offwhite

49,90 €* /rm
short supply


100% virgin wool , Width approx.: 135 cm, 100 g/qm

Delicate muslin

25,90 €* /rm


100% virgin wool , Width approx.: 150 cm, 131 g/qm

Satin with a heavy fall

45,00 €* /rm

Wollgaze 2

100% virgin wool , Width approx.: 150 cm, 74 g/qm

Extremely fine gauze of virgin wool

26,70 €* /rm