Pile Fabrics & Plush (S)

Flore fabrics (teddy or knitted pile) of cotton or wool

Natural cotton or wool with long piles.
Suitable for under-bed covers, sleeping bags, blankets, winter outdoor wear and warm linings.
Be sure to use a jersey needle for sewing, otherwise there will be running stitches. Little quilting foot pressure so that the seams do not become wavy and use an elastic stitch (e.g. light zigzag).

Bio-Teddy weiß

80% organic-virgin wool, 20% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 190 cm, 500 g/qm

Teddy plush in high-quality lambskin look with cuddly roughened knitted back and a super width of 190 cm! 100% virgin wool in the pile from controlled organic animal husbandry and 100% organic cotton in the core - for vests, sweaters, winter outerwear and warming inner life as well as trimmings on coats & Co.

69,90 €* /rm

Bio-Heavysweat 2

100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 170 cm, 260 g/qm

Fleecy knitted fabric in natural white, which can also be worn with the fluffy side outwards as a sweater, cape, jacket and the like - a decorative, soft and comfortable knit made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

29,90 €* /rm


100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 145 cm, 416 g/qm

High quality teddy made from organic cotton with shaggy (lambed) pile. GOTS certified. Back and pile are made of 100% organic cotton.

47,50 €* /rm


100% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 150 cm, 450 g/qm

Soft Towelling cloth made of 100% organically grown cotton in natural white. It is ideal for hand and bathing towels as well as bathrobes because of its high-volume and absorbency.
If a dryer is used, higher shrinkage is to be expected.

25,80 €* /rm


75% organic-virgin wool, 25% organic-cotton , Width approx.: 165 cm, 315 g/qm

Cuddly soft knitted plush, plaid in beige, gray and anthracite with blue accents.

59,60 €* /rm