Printed Linen

Various linen prints for clothing, home textiles and interior design

Classic Indienne patterns ingeniously staged in pastel soft colours whose morbid charm is perfectly accentuated on linen or half-linen full of character.

Fabrics with great talent to enchant any ambience, whether modern or stylish. They were made in England according to an old tradition.
All printed linen can be used as curtains, cushions, tablecloths, bedspreads or furniture covers.
Please bear in mind the repeat in the measurements. We recommend a 30°C pre-wash before processing.

Acacia and Butterflies shadow

65% linen, 35% cotton , Width approx.: 135 cm, 270 g/qm

The morbid spirit of a fresco faded for centuries appears in this print with flowers, leaves, pods and small butterflies in earthy shades of green and gray on light gray natural linen for curtains and upholstery, the perfect piece upholstery and curtains of an interior or a stylish contrast to a modern ambience, for historical costumes and rooms, stage designs and stagings Repeat length: 61.5 cm - repeat width: 65 cm

59,90 €* /rm


65% linen, 35% cotton , Width approx.: 135 cm, 239 g/qm

With delicate colours but beautifully appear opulent flowers and vines in pale beige, ginger and grey on antique light blue Linen – a classical English floral print, vintage and precious – Perfect for curtains, pillow cases and furniture covers

59,90 €* /rm

Birds in Paradise

65% linen, 35% cotton , Width approx.: 138 cm, 250 g/qm

Turquoise and light blue, lilac and ruby red, lime green and beige stage a still life of birds and flowers on pale turquoise and are reminiscent of the art of Sibylla Merian - for curtains, cushions, furniture covers or fantasy and historical costumes.

59,90 €* /rm
in production

Persian Blooms

100% linen , Width approx.: 138 cm, 242 g/qm

Old Persian patterns in flaming red tones, entwined with pale turquoise and olive, enchant in perfect harmony on an oatmeal-beige ground. Rich and beautiful for curtains, cushions, furniture covers or fantasy and historical costumes.
Repeatt: length 61.5 cm, width 67.5 cm

69,90 €* /rm
short supply