Silk Blend Fabrics

Fabric of silk mixed with other natural fibers.

Fabric mix of silk and other natural materials varying in structure and thickness, suitable for clothing


57% linen, 43% silk , Width approx.: 135 cm, 49 g/qm

Extremely fine like a veil, openly woven and with a linen-like weft structure presents this seductively delicate material itself – especially as curtains or bed canopy – like poetry!

36,90 €* /rm


62% cotton, 38% silk , Width approx.: 112 cm, 67 g/qm

Cotton and Silk come together to form a smooth and soft material whose restrained silky shimmer and fine structure create an aura of elegance. Perfect for flattering blouses, dress shirts and lingerie as well as curtains that will enchant any room.

29,90 €* /rm


70% viscose, 30% silk , Width approx.: 135 cm, 103 g/qm

A smooth and mild silky shimmering in a connection with a supple fall and a soft feel – An inexpensive and yet precious beauty for blouses, (wedding) dresses

35,00 €* /rm