Stinging-Nettle Fabrics

A real rarity, fabrics made of stinging nettle fiber!

A fabric in its most pristine, purest and most ecological form, handmade in the mountain villages of the Himalaya from pure, wild-grown nettle fibers - a genuine rarity.

Allo-Brennnesselstoff Leinwand

100% stinging nettle fiberfasern , Width approx.: 67 cm, 381 g/qm

100% Nettle Fibres, grown in the wild in the Himalayas, harvested by hand, natural fibre production with wood ash, hand spinned and woven in Nepal.

This fabric is in its original form! This grainy and lively material is perfect for artistic works, archaic decoration ideas and expressive clothing. Tiny irregularities and small dirty spots may appear due to its natural production.

59,90 €* /rm

Allo-Brennnesselstoff Fischgrat

100% stinging nettle fiberfasern , Width approx.: 66 cm, 363 g/qm

100% nettle fiber, wild grown in the Himalayas, hand harvested, fiber obtained naturally with wood ash, handspun, hand-woven in Nepal.

fabric in its original form! The rough and lively material is suitable for artistic works, archaic-looking decorative ideas and expressive clothing. Due to the natural manufacturing process, minor irregularities and soiling are possible.

59,90 €* /rm


50% hemp, 50% stinging nettle fiberfasern , Width approx.: 65 cm, 442 g/qm

Archaic hemp and nettle fibres are woven by hand into expressive fabric. The nettles grow wild in the Himalayas and are processed traditionally in a time-consuming process. The lively and striking material gives original-looking decorations and special garments an artistic expression. Due to the natural production method, minor irregularities and soiling are possible.

49,90 €* /rm
short supply

Allo-Garn fein-mittel

Fine hand-spun yarn made from 100% nettle fibres, grown wild in the Himalayas, harvested by hand, natural fibre extraction with wood ash, hand-spun in Nepal.

The yarn can be used for knitting and crocheting or as coarse hand-sewing thread matching the Allo fabric, the yarn thickness is about 33 Wpi. The yarn is only dispensed in the whole ball of approx. 450g - 800g. Please indicate your approximate requirement in 100g steps (example: quantity "5 = 500g). Run length: 100m = approx. 32g Translated with (free version)

11,70 €* /100g

Infoblatt Allo-Brennnesselstoff aus Nepal

Information page with samples of our Allo-Brennnesselstoff (Nettle-Fabric) and Allo-Garn (Nettle Yarn) from Nepal

2,50 €* /piece