Textured Linen

Linen and half-linen, textured or in jacqurd weave

Natural linen and half-linen fabrics varying in structure and weaving method.
Suitable for all kinds of clothing, cutains and covers

Leinenstruktur 4 stonewashed

100% linen , Width approx.: 130 cm, 830 g/qm

Heavy and densely woven linen in natural grey with a contrasting yarn in black, stonewashed, therefore grainy yet soft feel. Structure and appearance of a hand-woven fabric with an almost archaic look. For upholstery, curtains and cushions, for jackets and coats, or for costumes and robes

79,80 €* /rm

Leinen-Waffelpique creme

100% linen , Width approx.: 145 cm, 358 g/qm

linen honeycomb piqué, ideal for bath gowns or fine bath and sauna towels

64,90 €* /rm

Leinen-Waffelpique natur

100% linen , Width approx.: 150 cm, 336 g/qm

linen honeycomb piqué, ideal for bath gowns or fine bath and sauna towels

79,90 €* /rm

Rina halbleinen

50% organic-cotton, 50% linen , Width approx.: 145 cm, 235 g/qm

Filigree worked jacquard in subtle contrast of natural gray linen with light organic cotton yarn. Exquisite and timeless, florals decorate table and bed linen or curtains just as stylishly as (traditional) outerwear or historical costumes.

39,90 €* /rm


50% cotton, 50% linen , Width approx.: 160 cm, 335 g/qm

Natural yarns in an alternating satin weave create this decorative and classic mattress fabric that can be used for coverings and durable outerwear.

29,40 €* /rm


80% viscose, 20% linen , Width approx.: 140 cm, 245 g/qm

Filigree embroidered foliage in cream is reinforced in relief by stylized doles and flowers. Natural beige linen fabric, whose viscose content provides a soft feel and drape for outerwear or interiors.

26,70 €* /rm


80% viscose, 20% linen , Width approx.: 135 cm, 235 g/qm

Finely embroidered flowers in cream decorate linen structure in beige, for soft touch and fall provides viscose Wonderful for pleasant light outerwear or for interior decoration.

26,70 €* /rm