The firm Anita Pavani Fabrics (formally Anita Pletsch) is working since 1978 to revitalise and reinvent fabrics of natural fibres.

Our selection offers about 1.000 different fabrics and textiles made of all available natural fibres – such as cotton, linen, silk, hemp, bamboo, ramie, virgin wool, nettle and Edelhaare (cashmere, mohair, angora, camel). Part of our fabrics are from organic certified production.

Natural fibres are renewable raw materials which offer ecological consciousness and real high quality material for living textiles with the best wearing comfort.

Most fabrics are manufactured in Europe while others originate from faraway countries. The preservation of the last few, once rich textile cultures is a great concern to us. This is why we purchase such mostly made by hand fabrics from soially organised cooperations.

Our fabric collection ranges from modest cotton nettle to highest quality designer fabrics. You can find the most precious rarities such as beautiful lace fabric of natural fibres, finest fleece of merino wool, jersey of cashmere and silk, handwoven nettle fabrics and organic upholstery fabrics.

We offer materials that are suited for clothing and fashion design, interior design (furniture upholstery, curtains, drapes), restauration, decoration, stage design, costumes and much more that relates to creative designing, tailoring, crafting or handcrafts.

For many years Anita Pavani Fabrics supplies fashion designers, artists, stage designers, museums and film industries where our fabrics can be seen playing mayor roles in movies such as the “Harry Potter Series”, “Perfume: The story of a murderer” and “The House Of The Spirits” as well as the well-known modern series “Game of Thrones”, just to name a few.

We supply end consumers as well as commerial customers. Latter on trade conditions.

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