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New Designer Jeans Fabrics

New Designer Jeans Fabrics

High-quality jeans fabrics by Italian Designers in light to dark blue, grey and black as well as striped.

Some robust, some extraordinary soft and snuggly and other more comfortably stretchy. Jeans fabrics for everyone that like it classic or a little more extravagant when it comes to pants.

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Textured Fabrics

Textured Fabrics

Differently coloured yarns in warp and weft in simple or artistic weaves create interesting fabrics. Some become doublefaces, others enchant with tiny pepita or rombus patterns and some seem to create 3D-pictures.

Something special in any way as they combine elegance with finesse and are perfect for that long-living favourite piece of clothing.

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New Italian Linensingles

New Italian Linensingles

Our new Italian Linensingles are everything you need to withstand the next heatwave. Light and cooling like a soft breeze that wraps your body beautifully in wonderful summery colours.

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Italian Bourette Silks with digital prints

Italian Bourette Silks with digital prints

With breath taking digital prints we have transformed naturally creamy white bourette silks. They were printed with colour saturated mandala-ornaments, stylized blossoms with an echo of OP-Art or delicate flower paintings.

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News from Anita Pavani Stoffe

News from Anita Pavani Stoffe

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Our Collection:

Our internet shop offers you more than 1000 fabrics made from natural fibre. We also have buttons made of natural materials and sewing-patterns. All items can be ordered online and we send woldwide!

We have a choice of quality-fabrics made of cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool and other natural materials such as sting-nettle fibre or ramie.

Besides a great variety of basic materials, you will find exclusive designer fabrics, a precious range of traditional textile crafts and many designs of our own. 

Retail and wholesale customers worldwide purchase our fabrics for clothes, decoration and interior design, as well as for all kinds of crafts like stitching, felting, silk-painting and more. Artists, fashion-, interior- and stage-designers, costumers, restorers and many others find here what they are looking for.

If you need the fabrics for commercial purposes, please ask for special conditions. 

Throughout our lives we are surrounded by textiles. Their influence on our quality of life is deep. Genuine natural fabrics are wonderful to wear, they are hygienical and ecological. 

They are stylish, of timeless value and exclusive elegance. 

Natural fabrics are worth to be sewn and worth to be worn.

Have fun with natural fabrics by Anita Pavani!